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Ceramic Dental Implants

November 9th, 2020

Ceramic Dental Implants

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Ceramic Dental Implants are metal free dental implants. When choosing a dental implant to replace a lost or damaged tooth there are two main options, a “root” that is created using a titanium rod or one that is made of ceramic. It is important to consult your dentist when choosing which is the right one for you. A ceramic implant may offer faster healing, less plaque built up, and lower irritation and inflammation in the gums, along with a more natural appearance in patients with thin or receding gums.

Traditionally a titanium implant placed into the jawbone and allowed to fuse, then an abutment and crown added weeks or even months later, while in some cases it is possible to complete it all in the same appointment. As dentistry advances the ceramic, or zirconia, post is implanted to fuse with the bone and the abutment and crown are added immediately. With the one surgery process the healing time is shorter then when it is completed in two stages, and it has the added benefit of offering a fast replacement for those who are self conscious or have lost a front tooth.


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In addition to the decreased healing time, the body is often more receptive to ceramic then it is to the titanium, which can lead to less swelling and inflammation in the gums, for an appearance that blends in more with the surrounding teeth and a more comfortable haling process.

Ceramic Dental Implants are very strong material, that in recent studies has shown it’s ability to take higher pressures from chewing then even the titanium implant. This creates a strong replacement tooth that is likely to last the lifetime of the patient without requiring repair or replacement, and can increase the amount of food options that are available. With other implants chewing harder foods can create a crack in the implant and lead to a replacement procedure.

As the implant is within the mouth it is important to consider the plaque build up and gum irritation that can occur not only around natural teeth but also around any tooth replacement or dental implant. A ceramic dental implant is a very smooth surface that will integrate well with the gums and tissue surrounding it. This can deter plaque from forming or becoming stuck in the area, and it is easily prevented with regular cleaning and flossing. Decreasing plaque build up within the mouth can reduce the occurrences of cavities and gum irritation, as well as decrease the occurrence of gum disease, keeping the entire mouth and all the teeth and gums healthier.

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Ceramic dental implants are not only easily accepted by the body, but also easy to maintain, less likely to encourage plaque build up then other options, blend well with the teeth around them, appear more natural in the cases of receding gums or gums that are thinning, and allow for a one day procedure to go from the implant to the full dental implant with the completed crown. With all these advantages it may quickly become the preferred implant choice of dentists everywhere. Book your consultation at our Vancouver dental implant clinic to see what choice is best for you.

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